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History of Amalia Diéguez Martínez Winery Print E-mail
  Amalia Martinez Diéguez Winery is located in the region of O Ribeiro (Ourense - Spain), in the municipality of Arnoia, in the town of O Pazo. This is the quintessential wine region of southern interior of Galicia and the status of their vineyards, irrigated by the river Miño, Arnoia and Avia, and "pampered" by the ecoclima provides that the provision of ground, offering more traditional wines of interior Galicia. (There are documents attesting to their already growing in the second century BC.

The beginnings of the Winery Diéguez Amalia Martinez.

   The Winery Amalia Diéguez  Martinez has its origin between the years 1970-1980 as the property of D. Silverio Diéguez Armada, father of current owner, Ms. Amalia Martinez Diéguez. During the early years old, the wine was produced in a craft, using traditional techniques of the region and being stored in wooden vats. At this early stage, the wine was usually sold in barrels and bottled in some cases (boxes) according to the standards required by the Regulator in Charge of the region O Ribeiro. It was not mandatory ticket with the appellation of origin in bottles, but is already beginning to standardize the process of developing and selling.
    In its early grape that was the predominant white grape, specifically Jerez, although gradually began to introduce the native strains, which had virtually disappeared in mid-late nineteenth century, mainly due to pests and mildew phylloxera; Thus, were replanting of Side, and also Torrontés Treixadura, reaching to exceed 40% of the total production of white grape.
    The red grapes in this period, Garnacha, shared ownership although lower rates, with native Mencía, Ferrol and Caiño, which would acquire relevance over the years.

The Winery Diéguez Amalia Martinez at present

   The winery Amalia Martinez Diéguez has been adapting to the rules of the sector through a very important reform of its facilities and materials. It has made registration of the cave under the brand name wine Tear dos Dodi, white and red. It has tile-setting the floor of the cave walls and prepared properly, has been refurbished the interior of the cave through zone process. (harvesting area-development / area bottling / storage area).

Bodega Amalia Diéguez MartínezBodega Amalia Diéguez Martínez 

  Have also been upgraded and increased the number of teams for preparation and storage of wine (acquisition of stainless steel tanks for fermentation equipment cold and precipitation, etc.), and has undertaken a major investment in the climate control system of the different sections of the cave, in order to maintain proper temperature in each.

Bodega Amalia Diéguez MartínezBodega Amalia Diéguez Martínez 

   As for vineyards, we must talk about a very high percentage of replanting with native grape, which is already beginning to be important, especially in grape type or Treixadura Side (the latter is typical of this area). There are also advanced in the process of replanting strains Godello, Torrontés and Albariño and by the red grapes, our bet is Caiño, Brancellao, Sousón and Ferrón.

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