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The harvest

   The harvest is the first stage in the procedure for wine production and, because of the need for careful selection and collection, not without an estimated importance.

    In our region the harvest is usually done at the end of September, when the grapes have reached their optimum ripeness. The gathering process is completely manual, making a thorough and careful selection of grapes, which will move Hastal winery in boxes trying suffered the least damage possible.

Tractor cargadode uva durante la vendimia

The Elaboration:

   Upon collecting and transporting the harvest, the next phase is to squeeze the grapes, a process that is done mechanically then passed to the press.

Tear dos Dodi - Elaboracion

   Once pressed, the juice (juice) moves into Barcala collection and from east to where the deposits are carried out by the desfangue (first cleaning). Then be stored in warehouses. Already stored, must be controlled through the team cold during the fermentation process, to transform itself into wine.

Tear dos Dodi - ElaboraciónTear dos Dodi - Elaboración   


  After fermentation, and obtained, therefore, the new "soup", this will be subjected to the process of rearing, according nuesros traditional methods and adapting to the rules of the Regulator Organism in Charge for wines of the Ribeiro. Finally, the time spent in deposits of wine will set its category.

Tear dos Dodi - ElaboraciónTear dos Dodi - Elaboracion



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